Advice beyond Appointment

Relevant, evidence based medical advice necessary for leading a healthy life.

How did we get here

Our experience in the Healthcare arena, interactions with doctors and community members, led us to three major conclusions

Need for Verified, Reliable Medical Advice

Information has to be based on the latest scientific and evidence based guidelines.

Medical Advice needs to extend beyond in-clinic time of appointments

Certain conditions require on-going education, scope of which extends beyond the in-clinic time a patient spends in the doctor’s clinic. Digital platform is the answer.

Need for Forum discussion

Learning from experience of others suffering from similar conditions along with Doctors advice can go a long way in dealing with a challenging healthcare situation.

How it all started

Having realized that a visit to a Doctor only takes place when one is faced with a healthcare challenge.

Many conditions require education and support beyond the in-clinic setting. Also during our experience of conducting healthcare awareness programes for community members, we realized the need to educate the given population for conditions they are at high risk of; a case in point is our program for Diabetes screening and advice.

Where we are headed

We look forward to promoting health and healthcare awareness across populations throughout the globe since without health; there can be very little meaning to life. We are inspired to play our part in reducing the predicted numbers for different diseases and providing support to the one’s already diagnosed with them. Seems like a challenging task? Guess, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

By focussing on all aspects of health including interventions for prevention, forums for discussion and addressing treatment options as well, JUST MEDICAL ADVICE tries to rein in “HEALTH”, which is not merely absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well being.

JUST MEDICAL ADVICE will change Healthcare