Promoting People Centred Care

We believe that Medical Advice should extend beyond visiting the Doctor’s clinic for seeking treatment. It should include ongoing education and support from knowledgeable and trustworthy sources. People live longer and at times with multiple disease conditions. Everyone needs to know better with respect to the different aspects of their health such as the risks of treatments they opt for, different tests available for different conditions and the necessity of the same along with many others. Just Medical Advice provides a platform for part of the healthcare to be delivered seamlessly to people everywhere for better healthcare outcomes for one and all.

Benefits of Just Medical Advice

Verified, guideline based medical advice

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Get insights from Doctors and patients alike

Doctors and patients ask queries or share experiences with respect to different disease conditions. Private message a doctor for any queries or for contact details.

Connect globally

Follow doctors from all over the world to get their insights and relevant medical advice.

Improve accessibility to Healthcare

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Digital connectivity

Online connectivity using latest tools.